An invitational body composed of highly dedicated and long serving York Rite Masons. Membership requires affiliation with the Royal Arch, and belief in the Trinitarian Christian faith. Membership is limited to 45 members per presiding body. The presiding body is a Conclave, and the presiding officer is a Sovereign (titled Puissant).

Degrees worked here comprise the Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine, the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre and the Knight of St. John the Evangelist Orders.

For more information, please visit The Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada at:

There are two Conclaves in New Brunswick operating under The Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada - Maritime Division

Grand Intendent General - Rt. Ill. Kt. Comp. Laurie M. Bishop

Deputy Grand Intendent General - V. Ill. Kt. Comp. Adam J. Scott


McLeod Moore Conclave #1
North America’s oldest Conclave, instituted on April 13, 1867 meets the Second Saturdays of April, June, September and November at The Luxor Shrine Temple at 14 McLaughlin Crescent in Saint John, New Brunswick.

2020 Most Puissant Sovereign - Em. Kt. Comp. Chris Kitson

For more information contact:

RIKC Eric J. Johnson, Recorder


St-Anne Conclave #27
For more information contact:

EKC Joel MacDonald, Recorder