ROYAL MASTER – This Degree takes us backward in time to a day prior to the death of the builder, who is again the central character.  He imparts sublime teachings of a useful labour on earth to the candidate and gives him instruction as to the preservation of our valuable secrets.  This is one of the most beautiful Degrees in all Masonry.  Its lessons are so impressive that they are seldom forgotten.  It is especially illustrative of the Master Mason and Holy Royal Arch Degrees 

SELECT MASTER – Historically, this Degree occurs also prior to the Master Mason Degree, and deals with incidents that occurred at the building of the first Temple.  It is closely connected with the Royal Arch Degree and affords the explanation needed for its perfect understanding.  It is highly dramatic. 

SUPER EXCELLENT MASTER – This Degree refers to circumstances and incidents during the siege of Jerusalem and the final destruction of the Temple.  The work is dramatic and most impressive.   This completes the impressive lessons of our Circle of Perfection in Ancient Craft Masonry.

Cryptic Masonry in Canada originated in New Brunswick under charters from The Grand Council of Maine in 1867 (although there is evidence that the degrees were conferred in Saint John as early as 1828 by a traveling lecturer).  The Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of New Brunswick was officially formed in Saint John on August 15, 1867.  By 1899, Grand Council was subsequently divided, and locally became The Supreme Grand Council of the Cryptic Rite of the Maritime Provinces and Quebec with jurisdiction over Canada except Ontario and also over Newfoundland and ultimately the Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada Royal & Select Masters was adopted as the official designation in 1929, now based in Nova Scotia.

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ORDER OF THE SILVER TROWEL - A chair degree conferred upon installed or past Illustrious Masters of a Council of Royal and Select Masters.  It is also known as the Order of the Silver Trowel from the jewel of the degree.  This Order must be bestowed within three years of the Thrice Illustrious Master’s tenure or he forfeits his rank as a Thrice Illustrious Master.

Saint John Council #1
T.I.M. - Ill. Comp. Michael Park
Recorder - Ill. Comp. Corey Stewart
(506) 651-9176

Tantramar Council #8
V. Ill. Comp. Chris Kitson
Recorder -V. Ill. Comp. Tim Yates

Monckton Lodge Royal Ark Mariners
W.C.N. - V. Ill. Comp. Chris Kitson
Recorder - V. Ill. Comp Tim Yates

Fredericton Council #11
T.I.M. - Ill. Comp. Richard Carney
Recorder - Rt. Ill. Comp. Mike Crofts
(506) 818-0057

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