Grand Chapter of New Brunswick

The Chapters of the Royal Arch are the first bodies of York Rite Masonry. Their three degrees (The Mark Master, The Most Excellent Master and The Holy Royal Arch) teach members that the great beliefs of Freemasonry are never truly lost, and that through persistence and perseverance all things can be discovered and understood.

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of New Brunswick was established in March 1887 following agreement from the several Chapters already practicing in the province under the Grand Chapters of Scotland and Ireland as early as 1821. It was agreed that they would adopt the ritual used by the Grand Chapter of Massachusetts, but interestingly it retained the Officer Titles of the non-American system.

Grand Council of 2017:

MEC Adam Scott, First Grand Principal
REC Michael Crofts, Second Grand Principal
REC Stephen Smith, Third Grand Principal


Contact Information:
MEC Eric J. Johnson, The Grand Scribe Ezra

There are seven Chapters of Royal Arch Masons in New Brunswick.

- Carleton Chapter #1

- Fredericton Chapter #2

- St-Stephen Chapter #6

- Botsford Chapter #7

- Sussex Chapter #9

Carleton Chapter #1

New Brunswick's oldest Chapter, we were instituted in 1805. We meet at the Luxor Temple located at 14 McLaughlin Crescent, Saint John (East), New Brunswick. Our meetings take place on the Third Thursday of February, March, April, May, October, November and December.

2017 First Principal: REC Ed Stansfield

Contact information:

Scribe "E"

M.Ex.Comp. Eric J. Johnson

Botsford Chapter #7

Botsford Chapter #7 was instituted on August 10th, 1879. In 1995, Walton Chapter of Salisbury (est. 1930) was merged into Botsford Chapter. Botsford Chapter meets on the third Wednesday in the months of March, April, May, June, September, October, November, and December at the Moncton Temple located at 115 Alma Street, Moncton.

Contact information:

First Principle

Ve. Ex Comp. C. Kitson

Scribe “E”

Rt. Em. Comp. S. Smith

Grand Chapter Officers

First Grand Principal

Adam Scott

Immediate Past F.G.P.

Doug Cosman

Second Grand Principal

Mike Crofts

Third Grand Principal

Stephen Smith

Botsford #7


Grand Scribe “E”

Eric Johnson

Grand Scribe “N”

Richard Golding

Grand Treasurer

Gerald Gardner

Botsford #7


Grand Principal Sojourner

Chris Kitson

Grand District Superintendent #1

Ed Stansfield

Grand District Superintendent #2

Cecil Pirie

Edmundston #10


Grand Chaplain

Doug Cosman

Asst. Grand Chaplain

David Skinner

Fredericton #2


Grand Director of Ceremonies

Gordon Thompson

Fredericton #2


Grand Senior Sojourner

Stephen Gouzoules

Grand Junior Sojourner

Thomas Roberts

Grand Persuivant

Mark Walsh

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